Definiendo el terrorismo (En inglés)

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Defining Terrorism: The Present Situation

Academics, politicians, security experts and journalists, all use a variety of definitions of terrorism. Some definitions focus on the terrorist organizations’ mode of operation.. Others emphasize the motivations and characteristics of terrorism, the modus operandi of individual terrorists, etc.

In their book Political Terrorism, Schmidt and Youngman cited 109 different definitions of terrorism, which they obtained in a survey of leading academics in the field. From these definitions, the authors isolated the following recurring elements, in order of their statistical appearance in the definitions[;The boundary between terrorism and other forms of political violence ;2.; ;3.; ;4. Is terrorism a sub-category of coercion? Violence? Power? Influence? ;5.; ;6.; ;7.; ;1.; ;2.; ;3.; src=»Defining%20Terrorism%5b1%5d_archivos/image001.gif» v:shapes=»_x0000_i1038″>;


;Guerrilla Warfare vs. Terrorism One of the problems accompanying the use of the concept “guerrilla warfare” stems from its ambiguity. This nebulousness is cited by Yehoshafat Harkabi in differentiating between “guerrilla warfare” and “guerrilla war.”[;

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