Unidad especial de policía vigilará visitantes de las olimpíadas

Security is a key issue for all host cities and the top priority for ATHENS 2004.
ATHENS 2004 is working in close partnership with the Hellenic Police, the Greek Government and international security experts to host a safe and secure Olympic Games.
ATHENS 2004 will employ the most advanced security technology.
A specially trained security force of over 41.000 personnel will work around the clock for the security of the Games.
Olympic security is the responsibility of the Hellenic Police (Ministry of Public Order) and specifically of the Olympic Games Security Division (OGSD) – a special police unit created for the 2004 Olympic Games that reports directly to the Chief of Police and is staffed by Police, Coast Guard, Fire-Brigade and Defense Forces personnel.
OGSD is responsible for the planning of all security and public order measures required during the preparation and the hosting of the Games, the implementation of all security operational plans and the coordination of all organisations and agencies involved in Olympic security.
ATHENS 2004 also established a Security Division with principal responsibility to support the work of OGSD, as well as to coordinate and integrate the plans of OGSD with those of the functional areas of ATHENS 2004. The ATHENS 2004 Security Division also acts as a liaison between the Olympic movement agencies and OGSD, conveying all requirements that the Olympic agencies set and informing them on the progress of OGSD operations.
ATHENS 2004 has employed independent security consultants with vast experience from the Olympic Games of Sydney and Salt Lake.
ATHENS 2004 and OGSD organised and are working with the Olympic Advisory Group (OAG), a seven-nation task force with extensive experience in the security planning of large sport events, including the Olympic Games. The seven nations are Australia, France, Germany, Israel, Spain, the UK and the US. OAG meets regularly to discuss planning, technology and training issues. Within this framework, for example, OGSD organises operational readiness exercises in close cooperation with the British Police as well as specialised training sessions in cooperation with government agencies from the OAG.
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