Cumbre policial se centra en el terrorismo

By E. EDUARDO CASTILLO, Associated Press Writer
CANCUN, Mexico – Police officials from around the world began a weeklong meeting Tuesday in this resort aimed at finding ways to hunt down international terrorists.
Speaking to representatives of at least 175 of Interpol’s 181 member countries, Interpol President Jesus Espigares said terrorism was the main concern of both security services and private citizens around the world because of the «disastrous effects that indiscriminate attacks cause.»
«We must exploit all of our available resources and reduce the areas where the terrorists hide,» he said.
Mexican Attorney General Rafael Macedo de la Concha said organized crime has «grown and diversified.»
«It knows no borders,» he told the group. «We have to join efforts to stop crime and guarantee peace and tranquility in our countries once and for all.»
At Interpol’s general assembly meeting, participants will discuss ways to fight international crime, including drug trafficking, migrant smuggling and money laundering.
Ricardo Gutierrez, Mexico’s Interpol director, said the meeting will look at terrorism as an international problem — not something that affects one country in particular — and focus on global solutions.
Participants will also be electing a new president to replace Spain’s Espigares. Leading candidates include Mexican Genaro Garcia, director of Mexico’s Federal Agency of Investigation, and South African Jackie Selebi, Interpol’s vice president and national police commissioner in his home country.
The new president will be elected Friday and serve a four-year term.

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