Consejos de seguridad hospitalaria

By its very nature the hospital must be open and allow people to be free to move around the site. A minority take advantage of this situation. You can assist staff by following these simple guidelines:
Ensure your clothing and property is marked and identifiable before coming into hospital
Avoid bringing items of value with you. If possible secure them at home or leave in the safe keeping of a relative or friend
Nursing staff should record any items brought into the hospital and any cash or valuable items should be checked and sent to the hospital safe
If you leave the ward for any reason, please tell a member of staff and give them the location in which you can be contacted. Do not use emergency exits
Please abide by hospital rules and ask visitors to do the same; they are there for your safety
Report anything suspicious that you see to staff; do not confront anyone yourself
Inform your visitors of the risk of leaving items on show in their cars
Check all your property at the time of discharge
If your home is left empty due to a hospital stay let a friend or neighbour know and ask them to keep an eye on your property
Although the Trust takes all reasonable care to ensure the safety of money and valuables, which patients bring into hospital, such items are brought in at the patient’s risk

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