A juicio hermano de John Gotti por intentar asesinato de informante

By Christine Kearney
NEW YORK (Reuters) – The brother of late mob boss John Gotti went on trial on Monday charged with plotting to kill famed Gambino crime family informant Salvatore «Sammy the Bull» Gravano for bringing down the head of the family.
Prosecutor Victor Hou accused Peter Gotti, 65, of taking over the leadership of the Gambino crime family after his brother John was brought down by Gravano’s testimony.
The prosecution outlined charges against Gotti and co-defendant Thomas Carbonaro, also a Gambino family member, that included murder, conspiracy to murder, extortion of construction businesses and loan sharking.
Defense attorney Joseph Bondy told the 18 jurors Peter Gotti was a victim of his brother’s reputation.
«His name is his curse; Peter Gotti is not John Gotti,» Bondy said. «The prosecution’s entire case is built on smoke and mirrors.»
Both Peter Gotti and Carbonaro have been convicted in other cases and are in prison. John Gotti, who headed the Gambino family, died in prison in 2002 while serving a life sentence.
Hou told the Manhattan federal court that Gotti sent a team that included Carbonaro to kill Gravano in Arizona, where he had moved under a witness protection program.
Gotti and Carbonaro were also accused of being involved in the murders of mob members Eddie Garofalo in 1990 and Frank Hydell in 1998.
«Both were gunned down by the family: they were shot at point blank range and left to die in the street,» Hou said.
Several former mobsters will be called as witnesses, including Michael DiLeonardo, a friend of the Gotti family, as well as FBI agents and police officers.
Defense attorney Bondy said there was no proper evidence against Gotti and witnesses could not be trusted.
«Each of the witnesses that will come to you have pled guilty for crimes that are far worse than allegations in this case,» he said.
Four jurors were released and replaced before the opening statements were made. The trial is expected to last up to 10 weeks.

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