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Massachusetts and Electronic Medical Records
Dec 7 2004 4:01AM By News Story
Yesterday Gov. Mitt Romney helped launch a new initiative designed to reduce medical errors and save costs by converting paper medical records into electronic form. More
Dec 7 2004
Maryland Gov. Unveils Online Photo Gallery
Allows users to download and print photos
Dec 7 2004
Maryland and Israel Create High Tech Joint Venture Fund
$1 million fund is first between Israel and American state
Dec 6 2004
DHS Announces Over $2.5 Billion in Grants Nationwide
Will fund first responders and support state and local resources necessary to prevent, respond and recover from acts of terrorism and other disasters.
Dec 6 2004
Anti-Outsourcing Legislation Unlikely as Global Outsourcing of IT Jobs Grows
«In effect, therefore, the nation that places restrictions on the export of IT jobs will hobble its own businesses and could be inadvertently legislating the destruction of millions of additional jobs in the future as a result.»
Dec 6 2004
Bush Signs Internet Access Tax Ban
Extends ban for three years
Dec 6 2004
New Online Trucking Services in Arkansas
Allows motor carriers to renew IRP accounts electronically and complete International Fuel Tax Agreements
Dec 3 2004
Moving Forward With California’s IT Strategy

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