Sistema de manejo de tráfico instalan en autopista de San Diego

InTranS and Video Convergence are building a toll road along the California state Route 125 South. The toll road will create the eastern leg of the San Diego beltway. As part of a team of contractors led by New York-based InTranS Group Inc., Video Convergence will furnish a traffic management system consisting of closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance, count stations, and changeable message signs. Video Convergence will also provide the network communications system for the toll road.
The traffic management system will monitor and manage traffic flow, convey information to drivers about road conditions and traffic alerts, and provide an increased level of security along the highway. The network communications system, an IP network over fiber, is designed to manage the video, voice and transaction data for the traffic management system and all toll operations.
When completed, the electronic toll system, consisting of 54 toll booth lanes, some of which will be equipped for high speed, open-lane tolling, enabling drivers to pay their tolls via an electronic toll tag as they pass through the toll booths without reducing their speed.

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