Tips para celebrar el año nuevo con seguridad

Something going wrong can easily ruin what was meant to be a great night out. Remembering a few basic steps will help ensure you’re still safe and happy in the morning.
Before you go out
Tell someone where you’re going and roughly what time you expect to get back.
Eat a little to line your stomach.
Make sure your mobile’s fully charged.
Take a taxi firm’s number with you.
At the club
Pace yourself. Try not to drink too much, too quickly.
Have a soft drink between every alcoholic one to prolong the evening.
Keep a close eye on your drinks all the time so no-one can spike them.
Don’t accept a drink from someone you don’t completely trust.
On the pull? Have a look at Do You Read Me? for some tips on reading their body language.
Don’t argue with the doormen – you will lose.
If you’re going to use any drug, you need to look after yourself and your mates.
Tell someone you trust what you’re taking. If something did go wrong and you needed help, a medical team would need to know what was in your system.
Treat the drug – and yourself – with respect. Your body can’t handle too many chemicals in it at one time.
Mixing your drugs is not a good look – it increases the chance of an accidental overdose.
Have a go on Excess All Areas to see what happens to you – and what you look like – if you’ve taken different drugs.
Drink water or fruit juice – about a pint for every hour.
Getting Home
Use the taxi number you took with you when you left home at the beginning of the evening.
Text or photo someone the numberplate of the cab you get.
Agree at the start of the trip how much you’re going to pay.
Don’t accept a lift from an unlicensed cab, or from anyone you don’t know, or from someone you think has been drinking.
If you have to walk, try to stick to main roads and walk on the side of the pavement nearest the road.
The next morning
You might need to check out our hangover cures…

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