Error en construcción de puerta deja en la calle a policías suecos

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) — Portly Swedish police have a new reason to work out thanks to a new security entrance at the National Police headquarters that won’t let them in if they weigh too much.
A construction error in the recently remodeled security entrance, which has a built-in scale designed to only let one person at a time pass through the door, has caused some embarrassing moments for officers who may not have spent enough time exercising.
Those weighing more than 230 pounds (105 kilograms) who try to pass through the entrance are greeted by a recorded voice telling them: «Stop! One at a time!» and are not let through, police spokeswoman Linda Widmark said.
She said the scale is supposed to be adjustable to let people weighing up to 160 kilograms (350 pounds) pass through, but an apparent construction error is playing tricks on those with ample girth.
«We’ll have to get that fixed,» Widmark said. «We’ve got some big strong men around here.»
The security entrance is mainly for visitors and police denied entrance can use other doors.
«There are other options for them,» she said.

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