Centroamérica crea fuerza de seguridad regional

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras – The seven Central American nations agreed Thursday to create a rapid-response force to combat drug trafficking, terrorism and other regional threats.
The force will be made up of specialized teams from each nation, according to an announcement during a meeting of Central American defense and security chiefs.
Honduran Defense Minister Federico Breve said the force was being developed «to stop any emerging threat in Central America.»
The leaders agreed to present plans within two months to integrate police, customs, military forces and border guards from each country into the force.
Breve said all nations agreed it would be necessary to provide the unit with «airplanes, cars, boats, and whatever type of vehicles necessary to adequately respond in whatever part of Central America that requires it.»
The United States has offered financial help for the initiative, Breve said, without providing details.
Attending Thursday’s gathering were defense, security and interior ministers from all seven nations: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador (news – web sites), Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.
When military and civilian forces from throughout the region joined efforts in 2001 to help El Salvador after it was devastated by powerful earthquakes, it «was an experience that reminded us that together we can do a lot for our people,» Breve said.

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