Señalan a Jackson de intercambiar imágenes explícitas con su acusador

SANTA MARIA, California (CNN) — Michael Jackson shared sexually explicit images from the Internet with his teenage accuser and the boy’s younger brother during their first overnight stay in the pop star’s bedroom at Neverland Ranch, the brother testified Monday.
Called to the stand by the prosecution, the brother said that he and his sibling were in Jackson’s bedroom with the singer, an associate of his and two of Jackson’s children.
He said at Jackson’s suggestion, the associate, Frank Tyson, used a computer to call up several sites with photographs of unclothed women.
After viewing one image of a topless woman, the brother told jurors that Jackson turned to them and said, «Got milk.»
At another point, Jackson whispered into the ear of his son, Prince Michael, who was asleep, about what he was missing, spelling out a euphemism for female genitalia, the brother testified.
The group spent 10 to 15 minutes viewing the images, and Jackson then cautioned the boys «not to tell your parents what we did,» the brother said.
The brother said he and his sibling later went to sleep on Jackson’s bed while the entertainer and Tyson slept on the floor.
The brother testified that the first overnight sleepover occurred during his family’s second visit to Neverland.
That contradicts testimony by the accuser’s sister and the prosecution’s opening statement in which the first overnight sleepover was said to have occurred on the family’s first visit to Neverland. (Opening statements)
The brother also told jurors that he saw the accuser «acting funny» and drinking some sort of red fluid from a 7-Up can while in Jackson’s hotel suite at a Miami resort in February 2003, where the family had been flown by private jet the day before a controversial documentary about Jackson aired on ABC.
«He wasn’t acting right,» the brother said. «He was like saying weird stuff that didn’t make sense.»
The brother also said that Jackson had ordered all of the televisions in the suite turned off so that they could not view «Living With Michael Jackson,» a documentary by British journalist Martin Bashir in which Jackson was shown holding hands with his accuser, then 13, and defending his practice of letting children sleep in his bed at Neverland.
The accuser’s brother is expected to be a key prosecution witness in the case against Jackson. In testimony before a grand jury, the brother said he witnessed Jackson masturbating himself and his accuser during overnight stays at Neverland.
The brother said Monday that Jackson gave them the code to the security keypad outside his bedroom suite as well as a master code for access to other secured areas of the ranch.
Tape recalls domestic abuse
The brother was called to the stand shortly after jurors heard an audiotape in which he, his mother, sister and the accuser described Jackson in glowing terms as a father figure who provided safety and love after years of abuse at the hands of their father.
The accuser also said that during his chemotherapy treatment for cancer, «Michael would always put a smile on my face,» and «I would love to spend nights with Michael Jackson.»
The tape, introduced by the defense during the cross-examination of the boy’s sister, was made on February 16, 2003, about two weeks after the broadcast of a documentary by British journalist Martin Bashir. In the documentary, Jackson held hands with his accuser, then 13, and defended his practice of letting children sleep in his bed at Neverland.
The nearly 40-minute audiotape was made by Brad Miller, a private investigator working for attorney Mark Geragos, who at the time represented Jackson. On the tape, the accuser, his mother, his brother and his sister all speak, describing repeated physical abuse at the hands of the father. The mother and father have since divorced.
«I knew Michael was going to protect us,» the mother said on the tape. She added that she would have known if something untoward was going on between her son and Jackson because of her history of living with domestic abuse.
«I would be the most sensitive to any little thing,» she said.
She also described a beating by her former husband after she danced with Jackson at Neverland, attributing it to jealousy.
On the tape, the accuser and his brother said that Jackson usually would sleep on the floor while they slept in his bed. They said they were always together in Jackson’s bedroom during the overnight stays.
The boys said there were times when they and Jackson would share a bed, but they denied anything of a sexual nature occurred.
The mother said the media «swarmed» family members after Bashir’s documentary aired and offered them money for their story. But she denied selling their story to anyone.
On the tape, the sister also described the fallout the Bashir report had on the accuser.
«This whole situation is causing him more tears than his chemotherapy,» she said.
The accuser’s cancer is in remission. He is now 15.
Defense cross-examines sister
About 10 minutes into Monday’s court session, Jackson stood up at the defense table and started rocking from foot to foot. He alerted a bailiff, at which point Judge Rodney Melville interrupted the questioning and called a comfort break.
Jackson left the room quickly, gesturing to his brother, Jermaine, and a bodyguard to follow him out of the courtroom. Court resumed about five minutes later after the singer returned.
Jackson, dressed conservatively in a black jacket with a gray vest and dark tie, arrived at court Monday with Jermaine; his mother, Katherine; and his father, Joseph, who was making his first appearance at the trial. The star wasn’t wearing his trademark armband.
During his cross-examination of the accuser’s sister, defense attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. asked about a deposition she gave in a lawsuit the family filed against J.C. Penney Co. In that suit, the mother alleged department store security guards manhandled her after her son — Jackson’s accuser — was suspected of shoplifting.
In testimony last week, the sister said she didn’t know anything about the suit. Under cross-examination Monday, she said she had sat next to her brother when he gave a deposition in the case.
Also last week, she said her brother had changed after his interactions with Jackson, becoming withdrawn from his family and more aggressive. The defense contends that the boy exhibited behavioral problems before and during the time he spent at Jackson’s Neverland ranch.
Jackson, 46, was indicted in April by a state grand jury on 10 felony counts for alleged actions in February and March 2003 involving the boy. He has pleaded not guilty.
CNN’s Dree De Clamecy and Miguel Marquez contributed to this report.

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