Canal de TV recrea jucio a Jackson

Mar. 18, 2005
Day 15: Housecleaning. Absent of testimony, Superior Court Judge Rodney S. Melville heard arguments on the following motions:
• Defense request for mistrial. Jackson’s camp objected to the prosecution naming the accuser from the unfounded 1993-94 case in court on Thursday; Melville denied the request.
• Speaking of the 1994-93 case… Melville scheduled a hearing for Mar. 28 on whether evidence and witnesses from the old case can be introduced during trial.
• Jackson’s finances. Melville ruled that the pop star’s financial records can be subpoenaed, but he limited the prosecution to seeking information for a general, not «detail-by-detail,» bank statement
• George Lopez and the case of the wallet. Melville ruled that the defense can question the comic about an alleged incident in which Jackson’s accuser claimed Lopez stole money from the boy’s wallet.
• Fingering the fingerprints. After much discussion, it was decided that a member of the prosecution team may offer testimony as to the handling of evidence during last year’s grand-jury proceedings. The defense has suggested the accuser got his fingerprints on a briefcase seized from Jackson’s bedroom. The prosecution initially wanted to call in a grand juror to vouch for the incident in question.
• Not Jackson. It was a day off for the defendant and jurors.

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