Obligan a telefónicas de Internet a tener servicio 911

WASHINGTON – Federal regulators voted Thursday to require that Internet phone service providers connect their customers to the same emergency 911 capabilities as callers with traditional service within four months.
The Federal Communications Commission left it to the providers to determine how to meet the new requirement for the service, known as Voice Over Internet Protocol.
The 4-0 vote came after FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin invited families impacted by the inability to reach emergency response centers over Internet phones to tell their stories. A Florida woman described how her infant daughter died while she was unable to reach an emergency dispatcher through her Internet phone.
«By moving quickly, we will save lives,» said Commissioner Michael J. Copps.
Under the order, VOIP providers must ensure that all 911 calls are routed to the caller’s local 911 operations center and must provide the emergency operator with the customer’s callback number and location, regardless of whether the call is being made from the customer’s home or elsewhere.
VOIP providers also must inform their customers by the 120-day deadline of the capabilities and limitations of the 911 service they are being provided.

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