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The Police Reform Act sets out the statutory powers and responsibilities of the IPCC, Chief Police Officers and Police Authorities for the new complaints system. This guarantees the independence of the Commission, outlines its role as guardian of the police complaints system as a whole, and gives the IPCC a duty to raise public confidence.
The IPCC began work on 1 April 2004 with a wide range of new, stronger powers to radically change the way complaints against the police are handled in England and Wales. The IPCC can choose to manage or supervise the police investigation into a case and independently investigate the most serious cases. Find out more information about IPCC investigations.
The new complaints system presents a huge opportunity for the police service; but also a huge challenge for us all if that opportunity is to be realised. The prize is greater confidence in the complaints system, leading to greater trust in the police service on which more effective policing depends.
The IPCC’s ‘Making the new police complaints system work better’ sets out our vision for the new complaints system and the minimum standards expected of forces when handling complaints.

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