Portal del servicio de localización por telefonía inalámbrica Ulocate

uLocate Communications is a leading provider of location-based services (LBS) focused on the consumer and small-business markets.
These services leverage an individual’s location to deliver customized, actionable data such as last known location, maps, directions, location-based alerts, and proximity-based points of interest. The FCC’s E-911 mandate, coupled with falling GPS chipset prices, has resulted in a fertile market for LBS offerings to these historically underserved markets.
The FCC’s Phase II mandate requires US wireless phone carriers be able to determine the location of a cell phone to within 50 meters by the end of 2005. This ability to precisely locate a device that has built-in two-way communications permits new services to be delivered to consumers and small business users. Mobile phones represent a tremendous opportunity; but uLocate’s LBS platform also integrates a range of location aware devices such as GPS receivers (e.g. Trimble TrimTrac locator) and transmits actionable data to a range of devices (e.g. web browsers, Instant messages, SMS/email, cell phones)
uLocate has partnered with MapQuest, the leading provider on interactive, online mapping software, to deliver consumer friendly maps, directions, points of interest and other related applications.
For more information on uLocate technology, LBS development capabilities and partnerships; please email us at [email protected] or call 888-641-0102 x1.

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