Otra bomba estalló en Puerto España, Trinidad

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad – A bomb exploded in a metal trash bin behind a KFC restaurant in Trinidad’s capital on Saturday — the third bombing in the city in two months. Nobody was hurt.
The bomb had been placed in a trash can inside the KFC restaurant, but a worker had taken it out to the bin before it exploded around noon, assistant police commissioner Glen Roach said.
The worker did not know the bomb was inside the trash container that she took outside, Roach said.
The KFC reopened several hours later.
On July 11, a bomb exploded in a trash bin on a street, injuring 14 people, including a woman who lost her leg. A second bomb exploded Aug. 11 in a pile of trash bags, but nobody was injured. No one has been charged in the bombings.
Roach said police were offering a $4,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of people involved with Saturday’s bombing.

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