Mujer guyanesa condenada por homicidio durante exorcismo

GEORGETOWN, Guyana – A Guyana jury has convicted a woman of manslaughter for killing a friend during an exorcism ritual.
Patricia Alves, 43, was found guilty late Tuesday of killing Kamille Seenauth, 34, on Feb. 15, 2002. She allegedly beat Seenauth in an attempt to drive evil spirits out of her.
Seenauth’s battered body was found in a shallow grave in Alves’ backyard the day after the beating. Neighbors called police after seeing a foot sticking out of the ground.
Alves led a congregation of believers in spirits for many years, setting up what Guyanese call a Spirit Church in her home in the capital of Georgetown.
Some people, many of them women, turn to self-styled African or Hindu exorcists for spiritual help in this former British colony of 750,000 people. Lengthy prayers and ritual beatings are common during such sessions.
Alves faces up to 10 years in prison. She will be sentenced Sept. 28.

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