Amenaza de bomba obligó a interrumpir concierto de los Rolling Stones

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – A Rolling Stones concert at the University of Virginia was halted after 911 operators received a bomb threat specifically targeting the stage area, university officials said.
A 45-minute police sweep of the area Thursday found nothing unusual, and the band completed the show without further incident, university spokeswoman Carol Wood said.
The interruption came about eight songs into the show at the 61,000-seat Scott Stadium. Mick Jagger announced to the audience that authorities had told the band to take a 10-minute break, and the musicians immediately left the stage area. The first 20 rows of fans were also cleared, and three bomb-sniffing dogs, already on site, searched the area.
The threat is under investigation by university, local and state police.
The Rolling Stones are touring to promote their latest album, «A Bigger Bang.»

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