El phishing también puede ser por teléfono

The National Consumers League thanks the STAR® Debit and ATM Network for an unrestricted educational grant that helps make https://www.phishinginfo.org possible.
The National Consumers League, founded in 1899, is America’s pioneer consumer organization. Our mission is to identify, protect, represent, and advance the economic and social interests of consumers and workers. NCL is a private, nonprofit membership organization. For more information, please click here.
NCL runs the National Fraud Information Center, which was created in 1992, and the Internet Fraud Watch, which was created in 1996, operating in tandem with the NFIC. Consumers from across the United States and Canada can call 800-876-7060 or fill out the online form to file a complaint. NCL staff provides advice and tips on how to spot possible telemarketing or Internet fraud and how to report it. Fraud reports from consumers are sent within minutes to over 200 appropriate law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general. For more information, click here.
STAR, part of the First Data family of companies, is a leading electronic payments network and an expert in secure, real-time transactions. Recognized as an advocate and educator, STAR has developed research that serves financial institutions, retailers, consumers and others in identifying and responding to trends and issues.

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