El mejor programa de prevención del delito en el mundo cuenta con los vecinos

How do I start a Neighborhood Watch?
Call the CNW staff assistant at 407-246-2369 to set up a meeting.
Recruit several neighbors to help share the responsibility of organizing the Watch in your area.
Deliver the invitations provided by the CNW office.
Contact all your neighbors two days before the meeting to remind them of it.
Standards for Neighborhood Watch Programs
The defined Neighborhood Watch area must have the participation of 40% of its members in:
Two training meetings: at the first meeting, you will learn the basic standards of CNW; the second meeting is about residential security
Completion of a home security survey
Creation of a communication/telephone chain
The Watch must be able to maintain an accurate list of members’ names, addresses, and telephone numbers.
The Watch must be able to activate the communication/telephone chain and reach all members within a designated time period.
The Neighborhood Watch is required to hold two meetings a year with CNW to maintain contact and verify telephone numbers.
How Successful is the
Neighborhood Watch Program?
Neighborhood Watch remains the most successful crime prevention program worldwide. The success of CNW is demonstrated by our communities’ commitment to safer neighborhoods. By encouraging the citizens of Orlando to become actively involved with the Orlando Police Department through practicing crime prevention techniques and reporting crime or suspicious activity, we are taking control back from the criminals. Through the dedicated commitment of the City of Orlando, the Orlando Police Department, and the concerned citizens of Orlando, we have made a significant impact on neighborhood crime and made Community Oriented Policing a reality. Our citizens are crime-wise.

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