España: nuevas detenciones por terrorismo

MADRID, Spain (CNN) — Spanish authorities have arrested seven people suspected of financing the activities of Islamic terror groups, a Civil Guard spokesman says.
The raids took place in the Costa del Sol region of southern Spain in the cities Malaga, Torremolinos and Marbella.
Last month, Spanish police arrested 10 suspects wanted for allegedly providing logistical support, including financing, to radical Islamic groups.
Spain’s Interior Ministry linked the suspects from the November arrests to an Algerian-based radical Islamic organization, the Salafist Group for Call and Combat, which the Ministry described as the Algerian branch of al Qaeda.
The ministry, in a statement, said last month that Spanish police had found links in the operation to Algerian-born individuals residing in Germany, the Netherlands, Britain and Denmark and that Spanish police had contacted authorities in those four countries to provide information about the investigation.
The alleged terrorist financing was carried out through drug trafficking, forged credit cards and property and vehicle theft, the ministry said.
If was not immediately clear if there was any connection between the suspects arrested in November and December.

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