Desarrollaron sistema de vigilancia multimedia

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Dec. 3 — David A. Monroe of San Antonio has developed a multimedia surveillance and monitoring system including network configuration.
According to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office: «A comprehensive, wireless multimedia surveillance and monitoring system provides a combination of megapixel digital camera capability with full motion video surveillance with a network, including network components and appliances such as wiring, workstations, and servers with the option of geographical distribution with various wide area carriers. The full service, multi-media surveillance system is capable of a wide range of monitoring techniques utilizing digital network architecture and is adapted for transmitting event data, video and/or image monitoring information, audio signals and other sensor and detector data over significant distances using digital data transmission over a local area network (LAN), wireless LAN, Intranet or Internet for automatic assessment and response including dispatch of response personnel. Both wired and wireless appliance and sensor systems may be employed. Global positioning system dispatching is used to locate and alert personnel as well as to indicate the location of an event. Automatic mapping and dispatch permits rapid response. The wireless LAN connectivity permits local distribution of audio, video and image data over a relatively high bandwidth without requirement of a license and without relying on a common carrier and the fees associated therewith.»
An abstract of the invention, released by the Patent Office, said: «The surveillance system may be interfaced with a wide area network (WAN) or the Internet for providing a worldwide, low cost surveillance system with virtually unlimited geographic application. Centralized monitoring stations have access to all of the surveillance data from various remote locations via the Internet or the WAN. A server provides a centralized location for data collection, alarm detection and processing, access control, dispatch processing, logging functions and other specialized functions. The server may be inserted virtually anywhere in the Intranet/Internet network. The topology of the network will be established by the geographic situation of the installation. Appropriate firewalls may be set up as desired. The server based system permits a security provider to have access to the appliance and sensor and surveillance data or to configure or reconfigure the system for any station on the network.»
The inventor was issued U.S. Patent No. 6,970,183 on Nov. 29.
The patent has been assigned to E-Watch Inc., San Antonio.
The original application was filed on June 14, 2000, and is available at:

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