Nuevas tecnologías facilitan el juego virtual

In 2005 we all saw the Internet and television facilitate a poker boom through out the world, including the US and Europe. And 2006 promises to see this continue according to chief executive of PartyGaming, Richard Segal.
‘The beauty of it all is that we’ve invented nothing new. We’re just taking games that have been around for decades and putting them in people’s homes.’
In the last year there has been three large floatations on the London stock market and they have generated combined revenues of around $2 billon within the industry of online gambling. PartyGaming itself takes about half of that $2 billon pie and they are now assessing acquisitions and everything from mobile phones to interactive television to access more players.
They now have plans to launch a new online casino (PartyCasino) as well as two new games and a ‘shared purse’, which will hopefully help players switch from game to game.
PartyGaming also have plans in the pipeline to launch its games in six currencies and languages.

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