Sitio del Centro de Investigación sobre el Problema del Juego de Ontario

In April 2000, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care announced the creation of the Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre as an arms length funding agency.
In July 2000, the first call for proposals went out, and on November 29, 2000 the Centre celebrated its official opening with the announcement of $1.7 million in research awards.
Problem Gambling Strategy
The Ontario Government dedicates 2% of the gross revenue from slot operations at the province’s charity casinos and racetracks to a Problem Gambling Strategy. The strategy funds three key components:
Treatment services delivered at 45 designated agencies across Ontario;
Prevention programs;
Services provided through funded agencies and research funded through the Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre.
Invest in research on problem gambling;
Increase the capacity in Ontario to conduct research on problem gambling;
Disseminate research findings.
Research Priorities
Identify trends in prevalence, included within various sub populations, through the replication of previous studies or through new longitudinal studies;
Identify and more completely describe segments, sub-groups or types within the gambling and problem gambling population;
Treatment capacity, recruitment and delivery for adults;
Examine the nature and extent of problem gambling among adolescents;
Examine gambling related crime and abuse of trust, and responsibility for negative consequences;
Identify the underlying problem(s) and creating effective preventive responses for young adults.
For more information on current research priorities see Research Priorities 2005-06.

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