Anuncian nueva línea de equipos de videovigilancia

SUNNYVALE, CA; Mar 13, 2006
Cradle Technologies, a fabless semiconductor company providing Multi-core DSPs (MDSPs) for video and imaging systems, and Panacom Technology Corporation, a global provider of surveillance solution equipment, today announced an agreement to create a full suite of scalable DVRs and IP video servers powered by Cradle technology.
Panacom has plans to release four network video streamers based on Cradle’s CT3400 and CT3600 MDSP families. The streamers will support up to four channels with CIF to D1 resolution. The scalability of Cradle’s board design will allow Panacom to add the CT3400 or CT3600 chip to address customer demand using common peripheral parts for each design. Also contributing to the streamlined functionality of the CT3600 family is the ability of Cradle customers to load different software onto the same hardware unit. This will allow Panacom to configure their PCI cards as encoders, decoders, or full duplex systems which can handle both functions. By cutting down on the number of required changes to the board, Panacom is able to pass the time and cost savings on to its customers, while still guaranteeing unparalleled performance.
In addition, with Cradle’s scalable, high-performance CT3616 MDSP, Panacom will soon release a suite of 4- to 16-channel DVRs, as well as a PCI card with up to 16 channels of MPEG-4 video encoding at 480 frames per second. The processing power of the CT3616 allows for all 16 channels on the PCI card to be encoded on a single chip using only 75% of the onboard compute resources.
«When Panacom shared with us their plans for building 10 different DVR and IP video-server products, we saw a fantastic opportunity to show the scalability, performance and the flexibility of Cradle’s MDSP architecture,» said Bruce Schulman, Cradle’s Vice President of Applications. «Most silicon vendors in the market today offer very target-specific solutions for security applications. What Panacom was looking for was not multiple point-solutions, but a single silicon platform that could optimally address the wide range of price and performance points for their entire product line. We are very pleased that Panacom has chosen Cradle to be the provider of that platform.»
The increased demand for IP connectivity and scalability across product lines is forcing security equipment manufacturers to shift their focus from fixed-function ASSP and ASIC silicon solutions to more flexible options, such as programmable DSPs. Today’s fixed-function solutions, although cost competitive, do not provide system manufacturers with the flexibility to differentiate their products from an application standpoint. In addition, a truly cost-effective silicon solution should benefit system vendors not only by reducing their system manufacturing cost, but also by providing reduced development cost and time-to-production through technology reuse across the entire product line.
«When we started planning our next generation DVR and server products, it quickly became evident that our product portfolio would need to include several different flavors in order for us to properly address the broad range of capabilities our customers are demanding,» said Rudolph C. Lee, President and CEO of Panacom Technology. «Working with multiple silicon vendors to address our wide range of requirements would introduce too much risk. We needed a single silicon partner with the technology expertise, the product breadth, and the common vision to match our current product needs, as well as our future product direction. Cradle has proven to be the ideal partner in all those respects.»
The two key trends in the industry, namely the move towards IP connectivity and the increasing adoption of intelligent video content analysis, are pushing security system manufacturers towards programmable silicon solutions. Cradle’s Multi-core DSP products offer the ideal combination of performance, programmability, and pricing to address next-generation security products in a very cost-effective way. Cradle’s comprehensive security offerings are designed to accelerate time-to-production for system vendors, by providing complete solutions targeting specific security applications. Cradle’s Reference Design Kits (RDK) for DVR and IP video servers help security system manufacturers jump-start their product development process by providing a complete set of hardware design files, Board Support Packages (BSP), and software libraries. In addition, Cradle’s advanced development tools enable system manufacturers to leverage the programmability of Cradle’s MDSPs and further differentiate their products by adding their own DSP or application-level programs.
About Cradle Technologies
Cradle is a fabless semiconductor company providing the best price/performance, most flexible and most scalable DSP solutions for real-time multimedia applications. Cradle’s Multi-core DSP architecture innovation delivers high-performance scalable DSP processing with the flexibility, time-to-market and product differentiation benefits of processor-based programmable platforms. Coupled with a Rapid Development System and suite of application software functions, Cradle provides OEMs with all the building blocks necessary to enable flexible yet high-performance DSP designs. Cradle’s corporate headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, California. For more information call 408-636-5000 or visit
About Panacom Technology Corporation
Headquartered in Taiwan, Panacom Technology Corporation is a global surveillance solution company that partners with clients to support the development of innovative security and surveillance solutions and strategies. Since 1998, Panacom has provided vital electronic security products and services to residential, commercial and industrial OEM/ODM markets. Panacom designs and integrates innovative products that span: Closed circuit television (CCTV), surveillance DVR equipment, and other peripherals. For more information, visit
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