Un programa ayuda a detectar a conductores peligrosos

Aspectus Video Intelligence, Inc. has announced that their software is being trialed for 120 cameras along the M6 Motorway in the UK. The software, designed to detect dangerous drivers and suspicious objects, will be demonstrated live at the IFSEC exhibition by their UK partner, Wavelet Technology.
The latest security trial along the M6, one of the UK’s busiest motorways, will detect stopped cars, cars traveling in the wrong direction, people/animals on the road, unattended objects and help in protecting equipment at various sites. Based on patented Image Processing Over IP (IPoIP™) technology, the Aspectus video intelligence software can, following integration into Wavestore’s digital recording systems, alert the M6 central security office of potential problems and security threats, thus reducing human cost and false alarm rates.
Gadi Talmon, CEO of Aspectus, commented: “We are very pleased to be considered for protecting one of the UK’s major transport routes – which is testament to the strength and reliability of our technology. We are committed to providing the industry with the widest event detection capabilities and highest sensitivity – and are looking forward to demonstrating at IFSEC how our product really does deliver its promise of providing first class video intelligence.”
Roger Isaacson, MD of Wavelet added: “We recognize that the Aspectus intelligent video incident analysis software is a tremendous value adder to the Wavestore range of digital recording systems. Aspectus have created a brilliant solution for the higher performance applications, and we are pleased that we are able to host their product in ours. The opportunity to link it with the installation of our machines at M6 is timely for the IFSEC visitors. We plan to roll this product out to many of our existing installations.”

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