Policías en EE.UU. advierten a ciudadanos: dejen la lucha contra el crimen para nosotros

Police are warning against starring in your own crime drama after a few fed-up businessmen launched their own stakeouts to catch a thief.
Earlier this month, the owner of Watch City Cigar Co. on Route 9 in Framingham conducted an early morning lookout on his own business for almost a week before he helped police catch an alleged serial vandalizer.
Last week, the manager of Holliston True Value Hardware foiled a robbery attempt by confronting the alleged crook and keeping him there until police arrived.
Police are investigating whether it’s an inside job cooked up by teens to rob the register.
Police say they rely on the public to help them fight crime but urge private citizens not to get too close to the action.
«I understand people get frustrated,» said Scott Rohmer, Ashland’s interim police chief. «But most of the time, people should probably call 911.»
Westboro Police Chief Alan Gordon encourages people to install cameras if they are concerned about crime.
«That’s the best evidence we can have, if you can get it on tape,» Gordon said.

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