Quisieron estallar un tren en Alemania

Primary Organization Unknown
Means of Attack Suitcase bombs1
Target Regional passenger trains1
Location Monchengladbach, Germany1
Additional Location Hamm, Germany1
Time July 31, 20061
Victim Deaths 0
Victim Injuries 0
Attacker Deaths 0
Participants Yousef Mohammed El Hajdid1, Jihad Hamad
Narrative and Notes
Reliable German police found suitcases filled with propane gas explosives that were set to go off on the trains around 2:30 p.m. July 31 but failed due to a technical defect in their design.
The suitcases were discovered further down the line in Dortmund and Koblenz.
A Lebanese university student was arrested Aug. 19 in connection with the failed attack. The student was detained on a tip from Lebanon’s intelligence service, which reportedly tracked the man’s telephone call to his family.
A second suspect turned himself in Lebanon a few days later.1,2
1Landler, Mark. ‘Plot Shows Germans Are Also Terror Targets.’ The New York Times, Aug. 21, 2006.
2″2nd suspect in German terror plot is arrested in Lebanon.» The Associated Press, Aug. 24, 2006.

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