Security tips for business travelers

businees-travel-security-seguredPlease find below some tips we highly recommend you discuss with your business people prior to their trips. Traveling to Latin America is relatively safe, but business travelers should take necessary precautions, especially in certain hot spots like Caracas where «express kidnapping» tend to occur very often.

·The first step is to make sure you have a general security awareness of the destination you are going to before you even travel.
·Once you have arrived at your destination, make sure you get the proper transport from the airport to your hotel, do not take any transportation that is not dully validated by Airport authorities, have someone make your arrangements for transportation (private taxi service), and agree on a contact point at the airport. warning against corrupt airport taxi drivers that often work in collusion with muggers. They can see that you are a visitor with a laptop and no clue about where to stand and [plan to] get the first cab you see
·Ask in advance details of the driver, name, phone number, picture
·If you do get into an airport taxi, make sure that the driver doesn’t have any additional passengers.
·Never get into a taxi in which the driver is accompanied. In express kidnappings, a lot of taxis are involved in which the driver is accompanied or made an unscheduled stop.
·When traveling within a city, avoid any demonstrations
·If you are anywhere near a political rally or demonstration, avoid it
·Avoid carrying too much cash and displaying too much wealth. Unless you are on a very high-profile visit and a very high profile individual, special protection is not needed, however we recommend that when traveling to Caracas and arriving at very late hours, please have someone make arrangements for armored vehicle. In case you don’t know who may provide, please contact us
· Despite the temptation to take a nice walk after or between business meetings, it is not recommended to walk around the city, especially at night.
· Stick with locals as much as possible.

· Always keep abreast of the latest developments either through public sources like the U.S. State Department travel advisories or private security firms.

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