Next Up for cyberattacks: Human Resources

It’s not just IT departments who need to be on high alert, human resource departments need to get their guards up, the Law Technology News reports.

Data breaches at major retailers seem like a daily headline, but partner Daniel Schwartz of Shipman & Goodwin notes in the post “56 Million Reasons Why Your HR Department Needs Better Data Security” on the Connecticut Employment Law Blog that it’s not just IT departments and consumers who need to be on high alert, human resource departments must get their guards up. “If hackers can access credit card information, they are going to try and hack into your work files,” Schwartz said, noting the head of the military is echoing his same sentiments.

Over the summer, the Department of Defense released a statement urging businesses to adequately deal with cybersecurity, as threats “can have direct impacts on business and reputation,” said Navy Adm. Michael Rogers, the commander of U.S. Cyber Command and director of the National Security Agency and chief of the Central Security Service. “You have to consider [cybersecurity threats] every bit as foundational as we do in our ability to maneuver forces as a military construct,” he said.

Rogers said a critical step in tackling cybersecurity is acknowledging the threats exist.  He is to support proposed legislation that would provide a structure in which the corporate world and federal government could share information to battle security issues.

As for hacking HR files, Schwartz says, “it isn’t a matter of if.  It’s a matter of when they will attempt to do so.”

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