Israeli experts: Security in some U.S. airports “not enough”

A 62-year-old homeless woman was able to sneak aboard a plane at Mineta San Jose International Airport and fly to Los Angeles, but Transportation Security Administration and airport officials downplayed the incident because she posed no security threat.

Marilyn Hartman has been arrested seven times this year for trying to sneak onto flights at San Francisco International Airport, but was still able to bypass two ticket checkpoints to board the Southwest Airlines flight recently.

Officials said she posed no threat to passengers because she successfully passed through TSA screening, but experts have pointed out that potential terrorists pay attention to these violations as they may suggest vulnerabilities in the system.

According to Security Management the airport is under tightening scrutiny from politicians, as this is the second security breach it’s faced this year. In April, a teenager flew to Hawaii tucked inside a wheel well.

The Israeli experts told iHLS that there are “problematic spots” in a great number of airports and that these mist be fixed without delay.

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