Cyber attacks on defense satellites ? the threat grows

The U.S is worried that some ” national hackers force” will try to disrupt the function of its defense intelligence and communication staellites.

In recent years the U.S defense department was looking at how to make U.S. military and intelligence satellite systems more resilient if they were threatened, or how to operate without them if need be.

Last year a budget was allocated for the initiative, but u.s sources have indicated recently that this was not enough.

U.S. defense officials often say that U.S. satellites underpin nearly all military functions today since they provide critical communications, targeting and weather data, as well as warning of possible enemy missile launches.

The Pentagon has two years ago released an 83-page report on Chinese military developments, saying China uses computer espionage to acquire technology to fuel its military modernization, but China dismissed the report as groundless.

The annual report also highlighted China’s increasing space capabilities, citing Beijing’s “multi-dimensional program to improve its capabilities to limit or prevent the use of space-based assets by adversaries during times of crisis or conflict.”

The report said that China was pursuing a variety of air, sea, undersea, space and counter-space capabilities, and military strategists there viewed the ability to utilize space and deny adversaries access to space as key priorities.

The report cited a Chinese military analysis which highlighted the importance of “destroying or capturing satellites and other sensors” during a military conflict.

Israeli experts say that the Israeli satellites especially these for imaging are also being threatened and should be protected with the most advanced technology available.

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