Upgraded simulator for IAF’s “Black Hawk” pilots

The IAF Black Hawk helicopter simulator at the Palmahim airbase has been upgraded.

In 2013 a contract was signed with CAE for the upgrade programme.

Different changes have been introduced to the simulator to bring it to the new cockpit configuration of the “Black Hawk 2025? helicopters. This new cockpit configuration is the result of an extensive avionics upgrade that has been performed in recent years.

In addition to the changes in the configuration, the display infrastructure will be replaced. Because the transport helicopter simulator is built with changing displays for CH-53 helicopters and “Black Hawk” helicopters, the improvement will affect the aircrews that use the CH-53 simulator.
The IAF is using the interchangeable simulator to train the “Black Hawk” and CH-53 but also for the planning of special operations that require very detailed performance.

In recent years the IAF has stepped up the use of advanced simulators. This allows saving flight hours while achieving good results in the training of aircrews.

The new advanced simulators enable the creation of “Virtual Reality” high quality scenarios.

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