Cyber Threat Against U.S. Is Growing

FBI Director, James Comey, gave a speech at a conference recently held in Colorado, U.S., where he revealed that the country is well aware of terror organizations trying to form a new strategy to launch many cyber attacks. Although he hasn’t specified exactly what kinds of cyber attacks are planned, he did point out that the idea is still just at the beginning. Comey added that most of those working on a new strategy to attack the U.S. are only the ones who haven’t been able to establish themselves within the country and so all they have left to try are cyber attacks from afar.

Cyber threats which law authorities are facing are quite substantial and are not just speculations. Several months ago a video was spread online by hackers who identified themselves as supporters of the Islamic State (and not its official representatives) and announced they intend to launch a cyber attack against the leader of the free world. Another example – this one of a successful cyber attack against the United States – occured abour six months ago when hackers, probably working from China, managed to break in to the government databse and steal valuable information about four million government employees, past and present.

In facing this substantial threat in the virtual arena, there is a heated debate regarding the measures which must be taken in dealing with these threats. Israel is also aware of the range of such threats and a military cyber unit was formed on top of the National Cyber Department, which is in charge of dealing with this matter.

The capabilities of cyber terror organizations are getting better and so it is up to the security services to develop better defense methods in order to cope with this threat in the best possible way.