Exponen en California tecnología de identificación "biodinámica"

Geoff Kohl, editor
The RSA show going on this week in San Jose, Calif., always brings out a few «bleeding edge» technologies. On the list this year was an item that caught our eye: IDesia/Aladdin Knowledge Systems’ BioDynamic Signature.
The idea behind this new biometrics technology is that you can use a person’s «bio-signature» as a recognizable and virtually unfakeable identifier. No, we’re not going New Age on you, we promise not to use words like your «Chi» or your «glowing spirit presence.»
The basis behind the technology is really rather simple. Humans produce small electronic signals for communications in the body for muscle and nervous system control. IDesia, an Israeli biometrics company has been developing the technology, and has found that these electronic cardio signatures have patterns underlying the main control signals, and it’s these under-patterns that are unique to individuals.
The company’s technology uses two small conductive sensors, and the person simply holds fingers to these sensors for a few seconds for the machine to take a reading. Then, IDesia and reseller Aladdin Knowledge Systems, explains, the system can tell whether your John Joseph or Joseph Johns.
Is it mainstream? No, but the company thinks that the basic conductive sensors can be made more durable than traditional fingerprint sensors, and would be well placed for computing applications or for high-security access control. Time will tell; many people scoffed at vein recognition when it was first introduced, though now the technology has proven some gains with implementations in Asia.
If you’re at the show, Aladdin is in booth #1237 and has the technology on display. IDesia has more info on its technology at www.idesia-biometrics.com/technology/index.html.

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