Airports in The US Purchase Queue Management Services

Security checks in airports take time and often keep passengers waiting in long queues. As new screening technologies are gradually adopted, airports also make efforts to improve passengers’ access to information.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has been using a new development made by SITA, an air transport IT and communications specialist, to offer its 44 million passengers real-time information for their journey through the airport. Passengers can now view security wait times before they travel as well as when they arrive at the airport.

SITA QueueAnalyzer, an intelligent queue management technology, also provides airport management with dashboards to assess current wait times and view live video of lines. It also provides dashboards for quick analysis of real-time information against historical data, allowing for better allocation of resources to avoid bottlenecks. The Technology, according to the company’s website, is based on data coming form complex algorithms, wi-fi and cameras.

Airports across the USA are focusing on improving queue management and SITA’s technology will be in operation at a number of high-volume airports before the end of the year.

Randy Pizzi, SITA President told “Passengers want the right information at the right time and SITA QueueAnalyzer ensures that Sky Harbor provides accurate information at every touchpoint. Not only does it monitor wait times but it can predict queue times at key checkpoints so that lines can be managed more efficiently. This is a great example of smart technology being used to deliver a better passenger experience.”