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Daubert Update
Legal Challenges to Fingerprints
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The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a decision in the US vs. Mitchell case. It stopped short of issuing a categorical rule that fingerprint identification evidence was admissible in courts within its jurisdiction, but said it expected its opinion to offer «strong guidance» to judges. See the decision here.
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Is Fingerprinting a Science?
What is a Daubert Hearing?
What is the correct pronunciation of Daubert?
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Shirley McKie Case to be Heard!
A judge at the Court of Session refused to dismiss the case. Lord Wheatley’s ruled that:
«Immunity cannot be available in a prosecution which is based on an abuse of process, even in respect of what is done in preparation for a court case, or for evidence arising out of that abuse of process given in court.»
A date for a hearing of evidence in the case has still to be fixed.
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Dr. Henry Faulds Monument in Japan
13 March 2002 Order from Judge Pollak
Judge Pollak Reversed Himself
Judge Pollak Reverses Himself
The Honorable Louis H. Pollak wrote:
Based on the foregoing considerations, I have concluded that arrangements which, subject to careful trial court oversight, are felt to be sufficiently reliable in England, ought likewise to be found sufficiently reliable in the federal courts of the United States, subject to similar measures of trial court oversight. In short, I have changed my mind. «Wisdom too often never comes, and so» – as Justice Frankfurter admonished himself and every judge – «one ought not to reject it merely because it comes late.»(7 January 2002 Court Decision partially against fingerprints Court Decision)
PA v. Vikara, Convicted After Starrs’ Testimony
Prof. James Starrs was called as an expert in the methodology of fingerprint comparison, but renounced much of his written report during cross-examination. Hearing was October 22, 2001… Defendant convicted of 1st Degree Murder and Robbery… sentenced to death. Defendant died January 10, 2002 in the State Correctional Institute at Camp Hill, PA.
Critical Author’s Opinion Ruled Junk Science
A New York state judge listened to testimony by Simon Cole about why he considers the science of fingerprint identification suspect… and ruled, …»Even applying the Federal Court’s Daubert Standard, what Dr. Cole has offered here is ‘junk science»…
(Court Decision) (Cole’s Testimony)
Notorious Daubert Challenge – Bin Laden’s Terrorist Tried It
After his April 6, 2001 conviction, Ahmed Ressam was known to most of us as just another criminal who failed in his bid to exclude incriminating fingerprint evidence. As Paul Harvey would say, we now know the rest of the story…
A Statement Regarding American News Shows and Articles about Fingerprint Evidence Credibility in Court…
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