Caja de seguridad incorpora biometría

Designed for secure cash storage and access control, AuditLok XL electronics are used on the BSD Intellisafe models. This electronics package is the standard in the industry for retail businesses that handle significant amounts of cash, from fast food to grocery. These NKL Intellisafe models feature an interior compartment with manual drop drawer, 5-point premium NKL bolt-work hardware, automatic locking detent mechanism, and burglary resistant lock with relocker. Electronics feature positive user identification with electronic key (keyless access option available), audit trail, and programmable delay and timelock settings. Several standard sizes are available including 29″ height (5 tills), 32″ height (6 tills), and 41″ height (10 tills). For information about custom designs contact NKL Customer Service at 800-528-9900.

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